Paying for college books one watch at a time.

Paying for college books one watch at a time.

If you have the time to scroll through our catalog you might notice that none of our watches are over $200. Why is that? That's because Perfect Timing was originally started to offer affordable yet luxury watches to college students. Even though our watches are purchased by people of all ages all around the world we still stick to our original principals. 

Being in college your budget might be tight but that shouldn't stop you from the small pleasures in life like new sneakers or a cool watch. We love our college students just as much as they do our watches but we want to do more than just provide them with affordable accessories so starting in 2018 five percent from every order will go to funding class textbooks. We can't pay your tuition but we can sure help with those overpriced books. 

If you're a college student we highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity because this funding will be on a first come first serve basis. For more info on how this works sign up for our newsletter. 


Thank you Students,

Perfect Timing Team